LIBR61 and LIBR62 Courses Canceled at MPC

Sent on behalf of Karen Clifford:

Hi, good to hear from you!

I just received notification that both LIBR61 and LIBR62 were canceled due to low attendance again.  MPC needs to have 15 students in a course for the school to carry the class. In the past the school let students register for at least the first week of school, and we would pick up enough to hold the course, but not so this year. A decision was made two days ago to cancel classes before they started this semester if the minimum number of students was not filled.
For those students who are out of state, please realize that California Colleges are still reeling from their big educational budget cuts in the past few years. I must admit, however, that it makes sense to cancel a week before a class starts if the attendance is low because instructors were ending up teaching 3 weeks with no pay for that time if the course later closed 3 weeks after the start of the semester.  That could be solved if students would register earlier for a course they want to take.  On the other hand students tell me they find it difficult to wait to receive their money back if a course cancels so they wait to register after the classes start. We have seen how that only causes the classes to cancel earlier, however.
I know what it is like to be put on hold for your education–especially those who are working to make this their new profession. For now, I’m working with MPC to have the LIBR61 offered next semester rather than to hold it off until August 2015.  We should have more students from those who pass the new LIBR60 class and could get our course full.
In the meantime, I will be adding free resources via my blog to give my students learning opportunities to bring value to the time being lost until the college is over this current crunch.   I have a family matter to handle over the weekend and must fly to Oregon.  But by Tuesday, you should receive information regarding a survey of subject matter interests to determine the greatest need for September.
I will give your contact e-mail to Kelly Martin who is my super assistant at keeping the blog updated.  She can notify you when a new blog post regarding the resource survey is being posted.  Her e-mail is if you don’t receive an e-mail inviting you to come to the blog.
Karen A. Clifford, AG®, FUGA

Instructor, Monterey Peninsula College
LIBR 60, LIBR 61, LIBR 62, LIBR 63
Family History Studies – Genealogy 

Forwarded Message

Ms. Clifford,

I hope this finds you well.  In the spring semester, both LIBR 61 and LIBR 62 were cancelled due to poor enrollment.  I was just on the school’s web site, and saw that LIBR 61 is scheduled for the fall semester.  I’d like to know if you think the class will ‘make’ this time around.

Best regards.

C. Clayton Shepherd



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