A Peek at Ancestral Quest

As many of you may have heard, the BYU Conference on Family History was held July 30th through August 2nd. Besides teaching, Karen and her assistants had the opportunity to learn about updates in Legacy Family Tree, RootsMagic, and Ancestral Quest. As promised, we will be sharing those updates with you! We’d like to start off with updates from Ancestral Quest.

Ancestral Quest displayed a poster about what’s new on Ancestral Quest, so we took a picture to allow you to see for yourself. Ancestral Quest now allows the user to see data from three different databases at the same time, as well as the features named on the poster (typed below for your convenience):

(Please click on the image for a complete view.)

  • CORRECT DATA ON FAMILY TREE in moving the data from nFS to Family Tree, often the best data was transferred, but too often erroneous data was transferred from nFS, leaving the correct data only on the nFS system or in your personal file. Select the correct data from nFS and move it to the Family Tree. This is an exclusive feature of AQ.
  • INCORRECTLY COMBINED RECORDS Many of the records on Family Tree seem to have the wrong information, because they were improperly combined with records of different people. The easiest way to discern and analyze these records is by using AQ’s unique ability to view the other opinions of nFS along with the Family Tree data.
  • MATCH YOUR RECORDS TO FAMILY TREE When the records on Family Tree have been improperly combined, they have data that no longer matches your records, even when they are a match. When you use AQ’s ability to see the other data from New.FamilySearch, you will often see the data in these records that matches your records, thus helping you correctly match the records in Family Tree with your own records.

You can learn more about Ancestral Quest 14 by clicking here. As always, please share your comments and experiences here on blog.karenclifford.com; we’d love to hear from you and your experience is very beneficial to others.


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