Five Minute Skill Building Answers

Are you ready to see how you did on last week’s Five Minute Skill Building practice? Today, we are posting the answers so that you can check up on your skills. Good luck!

List of Appraisement of the Est L. J. Cox continued
1 Note W. Y. Whittington
1 Do Wm. Graws
1 Do J. A. Dew
1 Do H. H. Tort
1 Do on same man unknown
1 Do F. D. James
1 Do S. D. Loue
1 Do Jas. DuPree
1 Do Frank Greenwood
1 Do Wm. McDowell
1 Do Jas. Godbold
1 Do J. C. Hays
1 Do Lewis HirrinĀ  circumstances unknown
1 Do Jesse Easterling
1 Do Thos. S. Grill
1 Do H. H. McCunighan
1 Do A. E. Moor
1 Do M. Isman

Any questions? Comment and we’ll answer them for you! If you have anything you want to share about how this exercise went for you, feel free to comment as well.

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