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RootsTech 2015 was held in Salt Lake City in February with over 18,000 attendees from every state in the union and many foreign countries.  But if you were not able to come because of work, other commitments, or difficult winter weather, you can still take part, energize yourself, your societies, and your families by clicking on, and viewing many of the events preserved in video format for you to watch right now.  Selected videos are available at or just log into and click on “Watch 2015 Sessions.”

Check out these topics on that page:  Amy Archibald spoke on “Finding the Living Among the Dead: Using the Internet to Find Your Living Cousins.”  Crista Cowan and Juliana Szucs explained about “Getting the Most out of” Rhonna Farrer and Crystal Beutler covered “Family History on the Go Using Phones and Tablet Apps.”  Mark Olsen from MyHeritage spoke about a new FamilySearch Partnership, and Josh Taylor gave the keynote address to kick off the Federation of Genealogical Societies Annual Conference as part of RootsTech 2015.  Want to learn about Finding Your Family on  Watch a video presentation by Peter Drinkwater.  Want to learn about what’s new at FamilySearch, there are several options from which to choose.

This year, instead of speaking, I was asked to be one of the preliminary judges at the Innovator’s Conference held on Wednesday the day before the conference began. This was an honor to be asked to participate.  I was so impressed with the 51 new innovative tools developed by college students, programmers, and genealogy enthusiasts from around the world.  But it didn’t all happen on the day before the conference.  It took several weeks to review all the projects and to be prepared to meet with the other judges to explain our personal decisions.  It was a very fair competition where submitters were given several opportunities to explain their innovations.  Their ideas were terrific!

Want to see the future?  At click on “Agenda” and scroll down to “Innovator Showdown.”  On that page are the winners of the $25,000 in prizes.  Click on the link by the contestant’s names and take advantage of discounts to try some of these new tools for virtual conference attendees.  Imagine what could happen in the world of genealogy when ArgusSearch is released.  It is an award winning handwriting recognition technology built in Germany by “Planet”.  You can learn about it by clicking on their link on the Innovator Showdown page.

Have a desire to do research for hire or to hire someone to locate a record for you? Learn how GenMarketplace works.  It launched on Feb 11th so it is now live.  Watch the short video from this third place prize winner in the Innovator Showdown or log in to see if you could earn money using FamilySearch Family Tree.  Read all the details first as it can be very helpful.

Enjoy some of the entertainment as well.  Watch and listen to Donny Osmond (who is an avid genealogist by the way). If you want to start a genealogy business, and learn about ways to get something going listening to Ryan Heaton, Bryan Hansen, Brian Braithwait, Dallan Quass, Jimmy Zimmerman, Harrison Tang, Uri Gonen, and Luther Tychonievich.  Want to know how to get investors interested in your business?  Listen to T. Craig Bott’s presentation.

Like I am trying to say, attend RootsTech 2015 at no cost from your home RIGHT NOW!  There really is something for everyone.

Karen Clifford

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