RootsTech was Great!

I returned from RootsTech Saturday night a week ago.  As I watched the opening ceremonies on Saturday morning, I really hated for it to end.  Not only because I would have to follow the keynote speakers, but it was just a great conference.  David Pogue, the New York Times Technology columnist, and founder of the “Missing Manual” books I own, was so entertaining as well as knowledgeable about technology.  I attended another class he taught that was not televised, and enjoyed it even more.

Please do yourselves a favor and click on the link which follows and select the Saturday presentations.  RootsTech is still online for awhile so you can listen not only to David’s presentation but a great announcement regarding  The President of received word his father had died and he had to get on a plane and head back to his family.  How would you like to be called up and asked to speak to 5,000 people about a genealogy program you use. Well the man who did it was very good. The company is based in Israel and has been working its way through many countries and launched a big advertising campaign in America. is now the 2nd largest genealogy database company in the industry with being the first.

I have used it for 5 months on one of my Finland lines, and I am getting hits to living relatives there even though I only put one person in my database at that site.  I’ve traced my lines back to 1625 there and while I am not saying I have Jewish roots (that I know of), it would be great if I did.  I just think this is a company worth watching because of their new innovations.  While just like ancestry, it links you to people who are found in documents, it also goes out and searches for people while you sleep who are also linked to the key person thus doing associates searching at the same time.  I can hardly wait to find time to work with it more.

What did you think about the Conference?  Love to hear from you.


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