MPC Student Update

To All Monterey Peninsula College Students:

At this time, we regret to inform you that LIBR60 (Beginning Genealogy) is full. However, there are many spots open in both LIBR61 (Pre-1850 Research) and LIBR63 (Writing and Publishing). If you have already taken a beginning genealogy course at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) and live in California, or if you are a graduate from a high school in California, it is a financial bargain to take classes at MPC because tuition is so much lower than at other colleges. If you find yourself unable to register for LIBR60 and have already taken a beginning genealogy course, sign up for LIBR61! An add code is needed from Karen in order to register, so if you need one, please contact Racquel Hansen at as soon as possible. You can take LIBR63 if you have already completed LIBR60 and either LIBR61 or LIBR62. LIBR63 focuses on writing and publishing information you have gathered about an ancestor, and that information must already be in a genealogy computer program. This class is only offered once a year during the fall semester, and fill up about every other year. Plenty of places in the class are available, so make sure you email me for an add code (see the email address above) to be added to the class. Here at, we encourage you to register as quickly as possible to ensure that there is a spot in the classes for you!

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