Sorry for not posting anything for the past few months. Looking back, our lack of postings was simply an indication of increased activity in other areas.  During the summer, Karen started writing a new edition of her beginning textbook. In September, she launched the Beginning genealogy course in California, and two advanced courses in Salt Lake City: “Writing and Publishing” and “Preparing for a Credential”.  All this along with overseeing the genealogy projects at GRA was pretty normal, but what happened in October was new.

It was determined Karen needed a bigger house that could accommodate both the “living and the dead.”  The building of this new home went much faster than expected.  Utah had a beautiful long autumn, with only one day of snow “on Christmas” and then it turned quickly into spring. Snow day planning for home building were not needed.

This meant that Karen had to get her current home ready to sell much sooner than she originally thought. The writing of the textbook was put on hold because of a change in the type of curriculum that was being suggested by higher education, thank goodness; however, new college courses started up again in January. This was followed by RootsTech 2015 which involved her in a new aspect of genealogy volunteerism. (She writes about that above).

Well, a few weeks ago the new home was finished. It was still spring-like weather and her fears of someone being hurt moving in the ice and snow were allayed.  The moving trucks showed up and suddenly Karen found herself in an empty house. All of the genealogy work that Karen had archived over the past 30 years was brought to her new home, and the movers took most of the furniture from her current house, but she refuses to move from the current house until Internet is installed.

She cannot live without the Internet, so we continue to stop in at her little house on the river, or help her unpack items at her new home on the hill.  She finally put the “For Sale” sign on the river trail and in the front of her house a few days ago.

Like magic, after the moving was largely completed, we had a blizzard that lasted 1 hour and left 2 inches of snow. It brought to remembrance the suffering of family and friends in the east this winter.  Hopefully their spring comes soon. In the meantime, we are back to work and look forward to future happenings.


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