Ready to Make the Move from PAF?!

It’s the day many of you may have been dreading. PAF is no longer available for download, and support is no longer accessible either.

Of course, you’ll still be able to use PAF after July 15, but if you have problems or find that it just isn’t keeping up with the latest technology, you won’t be able to receive support or upgrades.  For those of you actively involved in the newest FamilySearch release which we call FamilySearch Family Tree (FSFT), you should know that FamilySearch has affiliated with three different programs that allow PAF users to easily upgrade: Ancestral Quest, Legacy Family Tree, and RootsMagic ( Each of these programs have free downloadable versions; and each offers either a direct use of your PAF file such as AQ, or a simple import conversion as in Legacy or RootsMagic.

Ancestral Quest

Ancestral Quest (AQ) was actually created from the original PAF window program donated to FamilySearch! As you move your PAF database into AQ, there is no conversion required, and the two programs are very similar. AQ is Family Tree certified, and AQ users can see information on FamilySearch Family Tree (FSFT) in a split window view, which allows them to correct data and match their records to Family Tree, but sources are not linking directly to FSFT at this time. Currently, AQ is offering a limited time offer for PAF users of $10 off the normal full price for their program. To learn more about AQ and to decide if it is right for you, head over to

Legacy Family Tree

If you choose to move from PAF to Legacy Family Tree (Legacy), you can move everything (from notes to Family Group Records) with a simple import. Legacy will work with Family Tree to allow you to pull info into Legacy and put information from Legacy into Family Tree. Legacy can organize your Family Tree, help you find ancestors with Research Guidance (analyzes your ancestor, creates a custom To Do list, suggests the kind of records that would be most helpful, and more), share and publish your research, reserve LDS temple ordinances, and track temple cards. Legacy is the only FamilySearch certified program that will search FamilySearch and has built-in Research Guidance.  Start with the standard edition free of charge, and you can later upgrade to the deluxe edition (or begin there!) beginning at $29.99. Learn more at


RootsMagic is actively developed and updated, allowing it to work with the latest technology and genealogical technology. All of PAF’s features can be found in the program, as well as book publishing, color coding, wall charts, shareable CDs, a mobile application, and more. RootsMagic is certified to collaborate with FSFT, and after a quick conversion from PAF to RootsMagic, you’ll be good to go! PAF users will be able to upgrade to the full RootsMagic for $19.99, which includes a quick start-up guide. Find out more at

Karen Clifford will be checking out each of these programs. However, doing this is time consuming, so stay tuned for more information about each program!

We hope that you’ll be able to make a painless switch from PAF to whichever of these three programs you choose. We would greatly appreciate it if you would share your experience with us, we’d love to hear from you!  You words of encouragement are extremely helpful to others.

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