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You can still register for one of three fully on-line 15-week genealogy courses without an add code up to August 24, 2014! If you register after August 24, you will need an add code by e-mailing  Classes start at Monterey Peninsula College on August 26.  LIBR 60: A 15-week beginning genealogy and computing course covers research methodology and technology used to trace ancestors who lived between 1860 and the present day; LIBR 61:  A 15-week course covering genealogy record groups not covered in LIBR 60, research methodology used to trace ancestors who lived in the 1860s and back to the 1700s; or LIBR 62: A 15-week course covering record groups not covered in LIBR 60 or LIBR 61 along with the research methodology used to trace to your immigrant ancestors homeland. All courses are fully online. Register at this blue link for one of these online classes.


September 6, 2014: Last Day to Add or Drop Classes at MPC
If you need to drop a class, the 6th of September is the last day you can do so without receiving a “W” grade and also be eligible for a refund. If you need to add a class September 6th is the last day with Instructor’s approval.

September 12, 2014: Last Day for Nonresident Students to Drop Classes
If you are an out-of-state student registered in online classes, September 12th is the latest you can drop a class and still be eligible for a refund.

To view the MPC list of Important Events, please click here.

Below are the core courses required for a Genealogy Certificate through the Library Department at MPC. In addition you’ll need 12 units from a variety of interesting historical and publishing options. The other 12 unit options will be placed below the core courses. Click on the photo boxes in order to see the full list.

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4 Responses to Register for Classes Now at MPC

  1. Dale Speer says:

    Karen & Kelly, I just rec’d an email from MPC saying that Library 61 has been cancelled. Is this correct? Thank you.

  2. Maxine Driscoll says:

    I just found out about MPC genealogy classes taught by Karen Clifford. I believe that there are more like me. The issues are:
    1. We want to take classes for our personal enrichment.
    2. We do not need, or want, college credit. I already have several Master Degrees.
    3. We do not want to hassle with a lengthy formal enrollment.
    4. We are willing and able to pay a reasonable fee.
    If MPC could accommodate us and publicize the classes, perhaps the enrollment would increase.

    • Kelly Martin says:

      Students who want to take the class for personal enrichment are encouraged to sign up as a P/NP student. There are several retired teachers attending these classes. All you need to enroll is an add code with instructor approval which can be accomplished online by emailing The student may then register online at Karen enjoys helping anyone learn more about genealogy. If you have other comments either email Karen personally or post your comments at the blog.

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