Who is Karen Clifford?

Karen Clifford is a short, optimistic, jolly looking result of Finnish ancestors on both sides of her family.  To assist those wanting to learn more about the educational side of her life, she has a Web site entitled KarenClifford.com which explains her aspirations to reach 5 feet in height someday.  Her son (who like his mother and father) likes to do multiple things at once is an artist, a graphic designer, a home re-builder, and enjoys working on cars.  With his sister’s advice, the two of them came up with some great avatars for her Web site because as she loses weight, they become slimmer, their hair is never completely gray, they never show wrinkles, and best of all–they love what they do.

Karen has spent her professional life involved first in genealogy research, then family history education and technology, and finally as a curriculum developer.  She holds three genealogy credentials in the Midwestern, Southern, and Mountain West Regions and volunteers with her husband to write and quality control professional genealogy research examinations.

She is President of Genealogy Research Associates, Inc., where she oversees new Interns from surrounding colleges and universities who are working on becoming involved in the genealogy industry as work is performed for clients around the United States.

Karen is an Instructor/Curriculum Developer in genealogy/technology courses at Monterey Peninsula College (California) and Salt Lake Community College (in Utah) because her courses are online.  She has developed nine genealogy and technology courses in the past fifteen years and authored several genealogy textbooks focusing on research methodology including The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy, the Internet and Your Genealogy Computer Program (published by Genealogical Publishing Company 2011); Digging Deeper: Understanding Pre-1805 Genealogy Record Groups (published by graonline.com 2012); and Becoming an Accredited Genealogist (published by Ancestry.com 2002). Karen has written and edited several published family histories for genealogy clients and produced multi-media DVD histories and storybooks for younger members of her family.

In her personal life she loves to garden, walk through gardens, buy gardening books, and if she had time she would probably be painting gardens.  She loves cheering on her grandchildren in their numerous activities if she could just keep up with them.  They are responsible for letting her know about new technology and often teaching her new things you never thought you could do with a telephone.  When she couldn’t keep up with their “texting” she bought a phone where she could speak her message and it did the “texting” for her.

This blog is meant to help Karen keep track of her students and to let them know about new happenings she feels might be of value to them.  She hopes some of them will find time to also exchange their ideas and contribute to this blog site as well.  Without everyone’s comments, it would be a pretty dull blog indeed.



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  1. Keri Stout says:

    This is a fun website

    • Racquel Hansen says:

      This is Racquel, and I am going to be moderating the blog.karenclifford.com for Karen. I hope you’ll come and join us again. We will be posting regularly, and we would love to know what you think!

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